Summary 2017

Norw Swed Dan Ch NJW-16 SEW-17 Showline Scanorama wins BOB at all her shows in Norway this year and Group 2 as the lowest! - And even so at Int SKK Stockholm in Sweden! Norw Swed Dan Ch NJW-16 SEW 17 Showline Scanorama was among the Top Sighthounds in Norway as well as Whippets in Sweden 2017! Her sister Showline Samsara was also among the Top Whippets in Norway!

December 29, 2017

Showline Silver Sterling made a nice debut in the ring winning his first puppy class and 2nd best male under Frank Kane! “Morten” is owned by Maryanne Eilertsen.

Showline Silver Sterling 65 mnths

December 16, 2017
Int SKK Stockholm, Sweden

Norw Swed Dan Ch Showline Scanorama wins CACIB, best bitch and her Swedish Winner title 2017 under Per Lundström, BOB under Benny Blid v Schedvin and finally Group 2 under Ingela Kyrklund, Colt’s Whippet!

Ch Showline Scanorama Group 2 Stockholm 2017

November 18, 2017
Int NKK Lillestrøm

Showline Silver Light made a nice debut at NKK Lillestrøm in puppy class! “Casper” is owned Inger-Jeanette Olausen.

Showline Silver Light Lillestrøm 2017

October 29, 2017

Best in Show! Norw Swed Dan Ch Showline Scanorama wins BOB under Birgitta Svarstad, Group 1 under Leif Herman Wilberg and finally Best in Show under Rodi Hübenthal.

Ch Showline Scanorama BIS Kongsberg 2017

October 14, 2017

New Norw Swed Dan Champion! This win was at her very first show in Open 2 years and 1 day! Norw Swed Dan Ch Showline Scanorama winning her qualifying CC, her three new titles, BOB and Group 1 under Eli Marie Klepp and Best in Show 3 under Knut Sigurd Wilberg.

Ch Showline Scanorama BIS3 Bø okt 2017

July 30, 2017
The Swedish Sighthound Show, Skokloster Summer Show, Sweden

Showline Scanorama wins a huge intermediate class and no. 4 in the strong bitch line up at Stömsholm Skokloster Summer Show under Patsy Gilmour!

Showline Scanorama GWC 2017 cut

July 29, 2017
Int SKK Ransäter, Sweden

Showline Scanorama wins CACIB under Karl-Erik Johansson!

June 10, 2017
Int NKK Oslo

Showline Samsara wins CC, CACIB and BOB under Lotte Jørgensen and and Group 2 under Zafra Sirik at Int NKK Oslo!

Showline Samsara BOB Group 2 NKK Ekeberg June 2017

March 5, 2017

Showline Samsara wins CC, BOB and Group 2 at her first show 2017 under Charlotte Høier! “Sara” is co-owned by Gerd Røssland.

Showline Samsara 16 mnd

February 25, 2017
Int NKK Bø

Showline Scanorama wins CACIB, BOB and Group 2 under Marianne Holm at Int NKK Bø at her very first show in Norway this year – now in intermediate!

Showline Scanorama Gøteborg Jan 2017

Janyary 6, 2018
MyDog Int SKK Gothenburg, Sweden

Showline Scanorama wins her first CC in Sweden at My Dogs Int SKK Gothenburg under Hans Almgren. She was also BOB junior and shortlisted in a huge BIS junior final. With this win Marte has CC’s in Norway, Denmark and now Sweden – all from junior!

Showline Scanorama MyDog 2017 5

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