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5 th January 2012, SKK Gothernburg International, MY DOGS, Sweden
The very first show in Scandinavia was the MY DOGS weekend in Gothernburg, Sweden. We had entered the two mascots Scot and Fanny. Scot - Librium's Incredible Love, went on to win CC (his 19th CC) and BOB in tough competition under the whippet expert and all rounder Arne Foss, Paper Moon Whippets, Norway and Group 4 under the breed expert Nenne Runsten; Airescot Whippets, Sweden in a very strong line up - all this from youth class! His mate Fanny - Librium's Jazz Festival won a strong junior class and went on as 4 best bitch. We surely had a very nice day, dropped the next show and went home happily. What an excellent start of 2012!

Summary 2011
The Showline Sporting litter...
Int Ch Showline Sporting Step
  • Startet 2011 with 2 x Best in Show in one weekend i January.
  • Then we went to Crufts and won CC and BOB. This was her 2.nd CC and BOB in the UK in just two shows.
  • BOB and BIS The Norwegian Sighthound Club
  • BOB and BIS 2 The Norwegian Greyhound Show
  • No 3 Top Dog All Breeds 2009, 2010 ......and 2011
  • Already a living legend!
Swed Dan Ch Showline Sporting Joy at Skyings
  • CC and 2.nd best bitch at the Norwegian Sighthund Club Show
  • BOB, CC, CACIB, the danish champion title and group placement on her trip to Denmark
  • Congratulations to Randie and Inger
Swed Fin Ch Showline Sporting Lad
  • BOB x 2, Group 2, Group 4, CC x 2, CACIB, his finnish champion title - all in one weekend in Finland
  • Congratulations to Luka, Roger and handler Helena
It Ch Showline Sporting Trophy at Sobers
  • Already an important sire with many top winning offspring nearly all over the world
  • Best of luck with his many beautiful children
  • Congratulations to Giacomo, Bitte and Pieri
Congratulations to daddy Int Ch Skying's Excalibur and mummy GB Int Ch Showline Silent Step for some very nice children!
The Showline Silent litter...
Among the "old ones", just Leo has been in the ring in 2011. He did very well!
  • Leo - Int Norw Swed Dan Fin Est LV LT VDG Germ PL Lux A NL H SK Ch Showline Silent Wish is now a champion in 14 COUNTRIES!
  • Won his 78th BOB in 2011
  • BIS Veteran in Show
  • Congratulations to Leo, Ingrid and Kjell Olav
The whippets...
Librium's Incredible Love
  • Top Whippet Male 2011
  • Winnner of 18 CC's and BOBs from junior and now youth class
  • Already the sire of 6 very nice litters
  • Congratulation Gerd, his breeder and co-owner
Librium's Jazz Festival
  • Winner of CC's from her first steps into junior class
  • Congratulation Gerd, her breeder and co-owner